Aizome Chiyogami/Washi  15cm (6") 26 Sheets
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Aizome Chiyogami/Washi 15cm (6") 26 Sheets

  • $22.95

The beautiful designs in our Aizome Chiyogami/Washi packages are a little more special than those that appear in our other packages. Half of the sheets in the packages are an aizome (indigo dye) design while the other half are solid colors (13 sheets of aizome design; 13 sheets of solid color)

Each package has a unique variety of designs; there is no way to tell which designs will be in a package. However, each package will have only one sheet of each design; there are no repeats in a package.

26 sheets total. 13 sheets of aizome designs; 13 sheets of solid color.