Chiri Tissue 15cm 40 Sheets
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Chiri Tissue 15cm 40 Sheets Chiri Tissue 15cm 40 Sheets

Chiri Tissue 15cm 40 Sheets

  • $10.80

Chiri means leftovers in Japanese, and it refers to the bits of the dark outer bark of the kozo (mulberry) plant branches which are left in the vat during the paper making process. Because it was viewed as inferior (i.e. not completely cleaned of the bark remnants), Chiri paper used to be used for wrapping vegetables in the old days. It is thin and crisp and folds quite well. Chiri is translucent, making it wonderful for any delicate models or pieces which benefit from the transmission of light. The Chiri is the same color on both sides (there is no reverse side) and is embedded generously with bits of kozo bark. Each package of Chiri has 40 sheets and is 15cm (6") square. There are 4 colors: rust, fuschia, natural, and green/khaki. Each package has 10 sheets of each color.

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