Paper Jade Exclusives

Our Paper Jade Exclusive line began because the contents of most washi packages are not predictable. This is fabulous and wonderful: who doesn’t like receiving a new package of washi and slowly going through the contents while oohing and aahing at the surprise of each new beautiful design?

When you’re making a specific model, however, it is sometimes necessary to have a known quantity of sheets of a particular pattern available. Additionally, we have many brides who wish to match the colors of their cranes to the colors of the dresses. Random packages of washi just will not do in these cases.

Such was the beginnings of the Paper Jade Exclusive line. We select the papers, the patterns, the colors, and the combinations in order to make the most interesting combinations for our customers. Explore the solids like Tatami and Di-Chiri. Move onto the Chiyogami selections found in packages containing Chiyogami patterns of the same color like Black, Orange and Yellow or motifs like Cranes, Cherry Blossoms, and Critters. If you need to come back for more of the same pattern to complete or extend a project…no problem. Buy the same package, and it will contain the same patterns as your previous package.

We personally select all of the papers in the Paper Jade Exclusives category. They are cut and packaged to our specifications. You won't find these selections anywhere else!