Chitose--Red Hot 34g 29x18.5"

  • $7.95

Our Red Hot Chitose is a thin, crisp, easily-folded, Japanese paper of a luxurious deep, rose red color. Chitose is softer than most Western papers and has no finish on one side; the side without a finish is softer while the reverse side, with a finish, is slick but not glossy. Red Hot Chitose is colored on both sides (double-sided). Each sheet is 29x18.5".

An example rose made of Red Chitose. Although the rose appears somewhat glossy in this photo, the Red Chitose paper itself is not.

The upper-most surface of the red chitose is the softer side; the lower surface peeking out from either side of the triangle is the smoother side.

If you want Red Hot Chitose which is already cut into 6" squares, make sure and check out Red Hot Chitose, one of our Paper Jade Exclusives Packages.