Chiyogami Assortment--Cherry Blossoms Too 15cm 36 Sheets

  • $31.95

Cherry and plum blossoms are both popular decorative motifs in Japan. Cherry blossoms symbolize simplicity, purity and fleeting beauty, and are so beloved they are considered an unofficial national flower.

Plum blossoms carry a number of meanings, from endurance and perseverance, to rejuvenation and vitality, to purity and feminine gracefulness. For that reason, they have been popular through the centuries as a multi-layered symbolic motif.

But which is which? Both have five small petals, but cherry blossoms always have a distinctive notch in the tip of each petal, and the petals are usually narrow. Plum blossoms are rounder and have no notch.

The Chiyogami Assortment--Cherrry Blossoms Too package contains 6 different colors of 3 patterns of washi patterned with cherry blossoms. There are 12 pieces of paper per pattern, 6 pieces of paper per color, 36 sheets total.

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