Bicchu Gampi #06 16.5x22"
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Bicchu Gampi #06 16.5x22" Bicchu Gampi #06 16.5x22"

Bicchu Gampi #06 16.5x22"

  • $25.00

The Bicchu Torinoko Gampi coloured sheets are really "the best of the best" - handmade Japanese gampi, dyed with natural dyes (and we should note thus prone to natural fading over time), made by an 85-year-old master...and who knows how much longer he'll be making them.

Bicchu Torinoko Gampi is handmade from 100% gampi. The gampi fiber produces sheets with a smooth, lustrous surface that is durable and wonderful for origami. The paper is the same color on both sides (there is no reverse side). Bicchu Torinoko Gampi #06 Suo is a fine, subtle rose hue.

A comparison of all of the Bicchu Torinoko Gampi papers. From left to right: #02 Cha HM (light tan), #03 (dark brown), #04 Kimidori (dark sand), #06 Suo (pinkish rose), #09 (dusty purple).

Bicchu Torinoko Gampi has a weight of 30g. For reference purposes: 9g is extremely lightweight tissue, effectively transparent; 45g is a heavy tissue or very lightweight text weight paper, usually somewhat translucent; 70g is approximate weight of Western bond paper, usually opaque (20lb multi-purpose bond is 75g); 90g is heavy text weight stock, flexible enough for invitation folds but difficult for origami; 120g is average cardstock, opaque.