Bamboo Sukashi 15cm 40 Sheets

  • $14.60

Bamboo Sukashi is fairly thin, crisp, easy to fold and covered with a pattern of bamboo leaves. Bamboo Sukashi is translucent, making it a perfect choice for delicate models or pieces which benefit from the transmission of light. The sample photographs have a black background to show this paper's translucency.

The paper is the same color on both sides (there is no reverse side), but one side has a very slight texture while the reverse is smooth to the touch. In the following photo, the upper-most surface is the softer side; the lower triangular surface peeking out from the horizontal piece is the smoother side (color shown is pink).

Each package of Bamboo Sukashi has 40 sheets and is 15cm (6") square. There are 4 colors: pink, cream, apricot, and white. Each package has 10 sheets of each color.

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