Solid 3-Inch Paper

Are you busy folding cranes for a wedding to match the bridesmaid dresses or creating a large modular origami project that requires every piece to match? We have what we believe to be the largest array of colors of origami paper available online. These 3" solid-color packs contain sheets where every sheet is the same color. The 125-sheet packs come in the widest variety of colors insuring that you'll find just the right hue you're looking for. We also carry a 200-sheet pack in our most popular colors. All of the origami paper is from Japan and non-toxic (though we wouldn't suggest ingesting it). Mix and match to your heart's content for the perfect result. We love to see what our customers combine!

PS Sometimes slightly bigger paper (e.g. 6") is easier for younger folders to handle making it easier to master the project or model they have in mind!