Assorted Yuzen 7.5cm (3") 40 Sheets
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Assorted Yuzen 7.5cm (3") 40 Sheets Assorted Yuzen 7.5cm (3") 40 Sheets

Assorted Yuzen 7.5cm (3") 40 Sheets

  • $14.20

The gorgeous designs in our assorted yuzen chiyogami packages are a little more rare than those that appear in our yuzen packages. Every sheet in the assorted yuzen packages has a design; there are no solid-color sheets in the assorted yuzen packages.

Each package has a unique variety of designs; there is no way to tell which designs will be in a package. However, each package will have only two sheets of each design.

Example designs that commonly appear in packages of assorted yuzen chiyogami.

Our 3" Assorted Yuzen package is not fanned out as the larger-sized packages are because the smaller pieces of paper have a tendency to shift allowing the 360-degree fan to shift, as well. Rest assured it is the same quality of beautiful paper found in the 9, 10 and 15cm Kondo Yuzen packages.

We personally select all of the papers in the Paper Jade Exclusives category. They are cut and packaged to our specifications. You won't find these selections anywhere else!