Garden Green Chitose 15cm 48 Sheets

  • $16.10

We've had many requests for a special package of green paper to make the foliage for origami flowers that we couldn't resist adding one under our own Paper Jade Exclusives section.

Our Garden Green Chitose is a thin, crisp, easily-folded, Japanese paper of a luxurious fresh green color. Chitose is softer than most Western papers and has no finish on one side; the side without a finish is softer while the reverse side, with a finish, is slick but not glossy. Each package of Garden Green Chitose has 48 sheets and is 15cm (6") square.

The upper-most surface is the softer side; the lower surface peeking out from either side of the triangle is the smoother side.

Comparison of the solid greens we carry. Jade Green, Neon Lime, Celadon, Light Green, Green, and Lime are all single-sided, solid-colored paper. Garden Green Chitose is from a different manufacturer and is colored on both sides (double-sided).

We personally select all of the papers in the Paper Jade Exclusives category. They are cut and packaged to our specifications. You won't find these selections anywhere else!