Obonai Feather White 11.8cm (4.6") 48 Sheets
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Obonai Feather White 11.8cm (4.6") 48 Sheets Obonai Feather White 11.8cm (4.6") 48 Sheets Obonai Feather White 11.8cm (4.6") 48 Sheets

Obonai Feather White 11.8cm (4.6") 48 Sheets

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Making cranes for a special occasion? We want to help you determine the size you need. We offer our Obonai Feather White in three sizes: 7.5cm (3"), 11.8cm (4.6"), and 15cm (6"). We carry lots of other papers in the same sizes so the Obonai Feather White will be easy to mix and match with other papers like Paper Jade Exclusive Chiyogami Assortments or solid-colored papers.

Compare the sizes of crane (these cranes are made from Obonai Feather Cream). From left to right: 7.5cm (3"), 11.8cm (4.6"), and 15cm (6"). The coin is a US quarter for size comparison.

Obonai Feather is a thin, crisp, machine-made paper which folds easily. The "feather" in its name refers to the fibers laid on top of the pulp base of the paper which resemble feathers embedded within the paper itself; they are easily seen because of the paper's translucence. Although very strong, this paper may be dampened and then dried to hold a delicate curve if desired. While the color is equally vibrant on both sides, Obonai Feather has one side which is slightly smoother than the other. Each package of Obonai Feather White has 100 sheets which are 7.5cm (3") square.

See a sample showing the paper with black and white backgrounds.

Obonai Feather has a weight of 45g. For reference purposes: 9g is extremely lightweight tissue, effectively transparent; 45g is a heavy tissue or very lightweight text weight paper, usually somewhat translucent; 70g is approximate weight of Western bond paper, usually opaque (20lb multi-purpose bond is 75g); 90g is heavy text weight stock, flexible enough for invitation folds but difficult for origami; 120g is average cardstock, opaque.

We personally select all of the papers in the Paper Jade Exclusives category. They are cut and packaged to our specifications. You won't find these selections anywhere else!