Washi Chiyo Treasure Charms 6" 25 sheets
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Washi Chiyo Treasure Charms 6" 25 sheets

  • $14.95

The Washi Chiyo Treasure Charms package comes with pastel-hued paper patterned with charms. The paper is 6" square; 25 sheets total. Includes five sheets per hue which makes 5 different colors in the package. (light and dark peach, light yellow, light green, and lilac)

This collection is made in Kyoto, Japan.

Treasure Charms expresses a feeling of celebration by collecting auspicious things.  It is derived from one of China's auspicious ideas, "Happo," and is a Japanese version of it during the Muromachi period.  It is used for commemorative kimonos such as Shichigosan, costumes and furisode.  There are various thoughts, such as trying to protect yourself from danger with hidden hats and hides, and using money-related jewels, hammers, and jewels to save money.  The hidden shade protects from danger, cloves are for medicinal purposes, orb is for wishes, gavel to defeat enemies, gold bag for money, safe key, scrolls for source of knowledge, war charm for determining order, weight is weight of gold on scale, cloisonne is treasures taught in Hokke Sutra.