Washi Collection: Heritage Washi I 8.5x11"
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Washi Collection: Heritage Washi I 8.5x11"

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In the Heritage Collection, you will find:
one, 8.5 x 11 of:
Kurotani #03
Seikosen Mitsumata Yotsuban
Seichosen Kozo Long
Hosokawa Kozo
Kobayashi Kadoide light
Oguni snowbleached 18g
1/8  of a sheet of :
Sekishu Banshi Tsuru (large)
Mitsumata Tissue light
1/16 of a sheet of:
Inshu Gampi 001

There is something extra special about traditionally made washi. Washi that is made by hand, using Japanese-grown fibres, and methods that have been used continuously for innumerable generations is unlike any other Japanese paper. Nancy Jacobi coined the term "Heritage Washi" to describe these unique, and unparalleled papers.

What are the features of Heritage Washi?
•    100% Japanese fibre (kozo, mitsumata or gampi)
•    cooked with wood ash, slaked lime, or soda ash
•    made by hand by master paper makers
•    no use of caustic soda or chlorine to bleach
What are the advantages of Heritage Washi?
•    great strength even when thin and/or wet
•    unparalleled longevity, fully archival
•    thorough, controlled integration of wet media into the fibres of the paper
•    crisp folds and malleability
•    environmentally sustainable in all regards
•    surface beauty and tactility -- good for the soul
What are the best mediums to use with Heritage Washi?
•    drawing – soft graphite, coloured pencil, pastel, fine-liner pen
•    painting – gouache, sumi ink, fluid acrylic
•    printmaking – relief, intaglio, lithography, encaustic monoprint, digital
•    photo transfer, cyanotype
•    dyeing by full immersion in natural or textile dyes; batik
•    mixing of media
•    konnyaku, stitching, and 3D work